FCG generates more credits than our competitors. Our professionals include former IRS, FTB and SBE auditors who identify available credits and incentives that went previously unnoticed. We also offer comprehensive audit defense and we have never had a credit disallowed under audit or examination.

We serve business of all sizes in a variety of industries. We quickly assess the available opportunities and implement a process to obtain refunds of taxes previously paid and minimize or eliminate taxes owed on current and subsequent returns. In fact, many of our clients do not pay any income tax as a result of our work. Examples of client savings include:

Industry Employees Service(s) Year(s) Savings
Agriculture 220 EZ, NEC, WOTC 2008-2014 $875,000
Entertainment 10 EZ, NEC, WOTC 2007-2014 $425,000
Food Processing 80 CCTC, WOTC 2013-2014 $273,000
Food Service 18 EZ, NEC, WOTC 2010-2014 $350,000
Landscaping 15 CCTC, WOTC 2012-2014 $128,000
Logistics 60 EZ, NEC, WOTC 2008-2014 $488,000
Manufacturing 340 CCTC, EZ, NEC, R&D, WOTC 2008-2014 $1,640,000
Pharmaceutical 12 R&D 2011-2014 $212,000
Professional Services 25 EZ, NEC, WOTC 2012-2014 $289,000
Software 10 HCTC, R&D 2011-2014 $130,000


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