What are the benefits of claiming tax credits and incentives?
Tax credits allow taxpayers to reduce tax owed. Unlike tax deductions that simply reduce taxable income, tax credits are a dollar-for-dollar offset of tax due. The credits lower the effective tax rate and offer permanent savings. In addition, unused credits carry forward until exhausted. Most tax credits are nonrefundable to the extent they exceed tax owed. Tax incentives may take many forms (credits, exemptions, rebates, etc.) and generally provide similar benefits to encourage specific behavior.
What are your services?
Given the complexity of laws, regulations, and administrative forms, most taxpayers claim only a fraction of the available credits and incentives or overlook them entirely. We focus on identifying current and past qualified activities, securing qualifying documentation, calculating the benefit and delivering a detailed report at the conclusion of the project that will stand up to examination.
What if you don’t find any credits?
We conduct hundreds of free consultations every year and perform a feasibility analysis with every engagement. As a result, we determine eligibility before any additional work is performed or any fees are incurred. Also, unlike other providers that charge for services based upon a fixed fee or hourly rate without regard to the benefit received, we offer success-based fee arrangements.
How long do the studies take?
We complete our studies in a timely and efficient manner that is non-intrusive yet thorough with our methodology. Although each client is unique, the vast majority of our studies are completed within 6-8 weeks.
Who assumes the risk?
We offer free consultations and comprehensive audit defense if the credits are ever challenged. We also offer contingent-fee arrangements. By minimizing the time investment of our clients and offering success-based fees, we take the risk out of the equation for businesses looking to pursue the credits and incentives.
Do you provide audit support?
Credit claims are only as good as audit performance. Audit support is built into every contract and we have never had any credits disallowed. Our experience and relationships with government agencies ensures our work will stand up to examination. It is, in effect, a warranty on our services.
Do you have references?
We welcome the opportunity to share our references that include not only satisfied clients, but also professional colleagues including federal and state auditors. Please contact us for details.
So what’s the bottom line?
You may be entitled to significant cash refunds and FCG will help you take advantage of these powerful incentive programs. Call or email us for a free consultation.


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